Mercury Rising

Mercury Bay, New Zealand

Mercury Rising

Te Mahutatanga o Takero

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250 years

As the sun rises over New Zealand on 12 November 2019 a rare transit of Mercury across the Sun will be in progress. 250 years and 2 days earlier Astronomer Charles Green and Captain James Cook observed a similar transit, alone, from Te Whanganui o Hei/Mercury Bay. Join us across New Zealand to celebrate the transit together this year.


Schedule of Events

Expert tour and transit viewing

Join us in the week leading up to Mercury’s transit for our Expert Speaker Roadshow traveling across New Zealand to a city near you. The roadshow ends with a weekend of astronomy in Whitianga, an all night star gazing party, and safe views of the transit during sunrise using our solar telescopes. Come join the fun! Click here for details about the events.


Meet our Expert Speakers


All night star party and Transit Viewing


Community Outreach

Bringing people together

The Otago Museum has always been focused on community and education. We continue this theme throughout our Te Mautatanga o Takero/Mercury Rising project with a high school internship for students excited about astronomy and science education, as well as public outreach programs throughout the country. Click here to learn more.




Cook’s Beach


Join us on the night of 11 November for our all night star party. We will have telescopes and experts to help you see your favorite constellations, planets, and deep space objects. We will end the party with spectacular views of Mercury transiting the sun as it rises above Aotearoa on the morning of 12 November.

Purea nei e te hau
Horoia e te ua
Whitiwhitia e te rā
Mahea ake ngā pōraruraru
Makere ana ngā here.

E rere wairua, e rere
Ki ngā ao o te rangi
Whitiwhitia e te rā
Mahea ake ngā pōraruraru
Makere ana ngā here,
Makere ana ngā here.